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Solution Manager (SolMan), the SAP landscape’s touchstone operating system, is on the verge of retiring version 7.1, the industry’s current standard. For those running an older version of SolMan, the upcoming transition to v7.2 represents an ideal time to upgrade existing software. Maintenance for versions 7.1 and earlier will end on December 31, 2017, meaning time is of the essence.

There are several reasons why a SolMan upgrade should be done sooner rather than later. An entirely new installation might be your best option if one or both of these options apply:

  • You use SolMan for EarlyWatch reports and/or Maintenance Optimizer or
  • The information currently stored on your operation’s SolMan system is not essential and doesn’t need to be saved in the long term.
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Cost and Operational Advantages

Migrating to v7.2 in the near term comes with a certain cost and operational advantages, which include the following:

  • Getting an early start on 2018 projects.
  • Cutting development time and ensuring best practices.
  • Consolidation and/or elimination of redundant solution, or projects no longer in use.
  • Saving time and money by avoiding an extended maintenance fee.

Depending on the system in use, SAC can specifically design a SolMan upgrade and migration process that best fits your operation. Activities may range from an upgrade that’s minimally disruptive and low impact; to a more intensive, full-fledged redesign.

For example, a basic in-place upgrade could involve no changes to the operating system, database or hardware. Separately, a more complex update could require new hardware and database migration.

Regardless of the scenario, SAC works with your team to create an action plan tailored to your specific needs and includes v7.2 upgrade pre-planning, content activation, and post-upgrade maintenance.

SolMan Servicing Options

Additional SolMan servicing options include implementing the following mission-critical features:

  • Focused Build—an important SAP/HANA implementation tool that integrates building, testing, deployment and go-live functions in a single process.
  • Focused Insight—executive dashboards that provide information on incidents, system availability, and performance.
  • Business Process and Technical Monitoring (BPMon, TechMon) as well as an Early Watch Alert system (EWA—critical surveillance capabilities within the SAP landscape).
  • Solution Documentation (SolDoc)–documentation of system landscapes and business processes within the SolMan environment.
  • Change and Release Management (ChaRM).
  • Managed System Setup—connecting essential systems within the SAP landscape to SolMan, facilitating single-source documentation, monitoring and configuration of solution.
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